Well-Being Officer Training Program in London

Create well-being and empower people in companies

Become a Well-Being Officer

Well-Being: The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. (Oxford Dictionary).

A “State of Well-Being” is having all the internal resources to be able to act with full power and positive energy.

What is a Well-Being Officer?

A Well-Being Officer is a person who has developed the ability to increase the level of well-being for himself and for others. A WBO (Well-Being Officer) has also the ability to empower the people around him through soft skills.

Goals of Well-Being Trainings

A Well-Being Training is a workshop to share soft skills tools and technics to help empowering people. Our team of trainers is composed of different specialties to create innovative and powerful experiences.

Our innovation:

Measurement of the increase of the well-being level

Before and after the training (25% increase so far)

Tools and technics used by top athletes and top entrepreneurs

Such as visualization, mindset building, ...

Serious Games

To develop new skills through experiences

Skills Development


Being active and solution oriented in a complex situation

Stress Management

Tools and methods to manage stress


Finding new ideas and solutions to handle problems

Team Building

Stimulating the collective positive energy

A program in United-Kingdom and in France

This training program is also available in French in France here.


The trainings

Body and Mind training

Visualisation – Stress Management – Positive energy

“Reduce stress, increase power”

Wellness and soft skills training london


  • learning how to manage stress;
  • releasing tensions in the body and in the mind;
  • training self-leadership;
  • increasing the level of positive energy.

Tools and technics:

  • mindfulness technics to increase your awareness of the body and the environment;
  • stretching movements to release tensions in the body;
  • intuition and creativity through movements;
  • creative visualisation;
  • soft skills reflex for a sustainable impact.


Jerome Hoarau and Spiros Papageorgiou.

Collective Mentoring

Entrepreneurial Mindset – Mentoring – Collective Intelligence

“Problem solving and positive energy”



  • learning how to change a problem into a challenge;
  • working with a positive and caring group;
  • training leadership and entrepreneurial skills;
  • creating an action plan to move forward.

Tools and technics:

  • the art of the feedback;
  • the mentoring process;
  • time management;
  • elevator pitch.


Jerome Hoarau

jerome hoarau soft skills london

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